Anti-virus softwares

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Todays review will cover several different antivirus programs and there worth to you and what you need for what you do. Also in this review we will be going over several aspects of virus`s and what undetectable means. So take a quick glance at the few terms i`ve listed for you below.

-Virus, is just a piece of malicious software
-Fud, now fud means fully undetectable
-Trojan, is a file bound together with another to hide it
-R.A.T refers to a remote administration tool

Now let me explain why someone would want to give you any of the above things, well ill explain it people chose to write the programing above, the straight answer is people use this software to make money, company like "gamevance" offer free games, although there programs are packed with viruses, they do this because they make money advertising.

So with anything that is profitable people will so chose to make money at the expense of others, now that we have that cleared up your asking me what protection do i need. Also i am a experienced person in the matter i have been creating viruses and infecting computers from windows 98 to present day. So who better to help you get rid of malicious software ? None other then the admin of this of-course.

Now lets determine your risk factors and get you a piece of software that`ll keep you moderately safe, because lets face it the only computer that is safe from upper level programmers like myself is the one turned off and buried in a desert. Consult the list below for software and its worthiness per your risk factor.

If this is on your computer remove it, enough said this program stops less then the autobahn.

Me personally i find this to be a rather nice program the interface is nice its moderately cheap, and it has some worthiness to it

Now this is the name that everyone trust`s and knows as top dog, i have defeated Norton many times in the past, I will give Norton a thumbs up because it is hard to defeat and the newer ones 360 and 2010 are a pain to defeat. - My note if your in bad places and your computer is slow i would go with norton.

Now for my favorite and what i use Kaspersky is very powerful, it prevents most known methods of dropping malware, the downfall of Kaspersky is that after software with bad intentions gets in kaspersky dosent always remove it. Overall tho i would have to absolutely give Kaspersky a 10/10 for there proactive defense. - This is my pick if you download shady things from torrents and limewire, if its infected kaspersky is like chuck Norris.

Also i would like to note that this is not all of the Antivirus`s that i tip my hat too, but more of what is affordable and dose a very good job. Also i would like you to check out our sister site at We have done the you the favor of throwing together some antivirus`s you would normally pay for, using our evil for good we provide downloads of them free.