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Today were going to go over why the "Firefox" burns a hole threw internet browsing. Now we have all used internet explorer from Microsoft at some point in our lives, i am using firefox as i write this very post and do you know why i use firefox ? let me give you a few reasons why firefox is the best piece of software you`ll use on a daily basis.

-Firefox is faster
-uses less resources
-Add-ons is a absoute must have
-spell check on every webpage
-If it crashes you can instantly restore your web-pages even still be logged in

These are just a few reasons to switch to Firefox. For all those who are union at heart, Firefox is a open source project which means that they don't wish to profit from it, just deliver the best browser you`ll ever use. It is made up of generations of handing it down and saying “i don't have time anymore”. If anyone has ever given you a hand-me-down you instantly think: “gross”, right? In this case, Firefox has had thousands of people’s ideas smashed together to make the perfect browser. This is why I would recommend you to go to and download it and install it.

Top #2 firefox addons in my book are
-customize google and google search very nice addon

#1 - Customize google 10/10

customize Google is a intense add-on that allows you to change the way Firefox handles Google searches and ect. a huge key feature of this add-on is when you are looking for images threw google the thumbnail will automaticly redirect you to the acuall image no more clicking threw googles i frame. This add-on for my favorite peice of software makes it even better, along with the images this addon can block almost any advertisement without disrupting how you view the page.

#2 - Flashblock

Flashblock is a perfect add-on for Firefox because it tells anything java to wait for you to want to see it, now your asking whys that a good thing. open 100 Youtube videos and watch your computer crash, now if you want a solution to your computer not using ridiculous amounts of memory playing java you don't even wish to see Flashblock is absolutely your solution to this, great piece of software and i don't think i could ask for it to be designed better.