Staying virus free

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Hello everyone, now this may come to a shock to some of you but there's a large chance that if your reading this you have at least 10 infections on your computer, whether there viruses, Trojans, or Spyware everyone take a moment and read the 10 tips Ive listed below and get your system back to its prime.

-If you download torrents make sure theres over 2,000 seeds and leaches, a virus`s chance of making it this far is minimal.

-If the file has bad idea written on it, simply dont download it. go back to google and save yourself a headache later.

-Use sandbox software, theres no substitute for sandboxie, need a link ?

-I personally recomend a sister site to us and that is They will most likely have everything your looking for right there.

-If someone says a file is infected, dont download it anyway even if another person is saying its not infected

-if you get to a sight that uses java NEVER hit run unless it is trusted by you fully, there are many java exploits lately

-Head over to the post on the right hand side of this and take a look at the antivirus software reviews, and pick whats right for you. need a free copy ?

-Avoid the first 5 links on google, they are usually offering a direct download and they are infected with spyware and such.

-Realize how important keeping your computer clean is, you may not realize how much information you actually have in your computer last thing you want is a picture on your facebook of something you would hope your mother would never see.

i hope that this keeps everyone safe and you learned a few things reading this article, its always good to have a nice antivirus software, make sure you have one is my biggest suggestion.